At Adur Osteopathic Clinic we sell, over the counter, a number of high quality products to help in your treatment. Now, some of these items can be purchased on-line. The products are displayed in the table below.

When you click on an item, you will be taken to the relevant page of a third party website , where you can buy the items. (Please note that prices were correct at the time of posting. Third parties have the right to change prices at will). Please note that some pages may contain more than one product.

If you are in any doubt about which products you need, please discuss it with Andrew or Pat.

Osteopathic products

Osteopathic & Physical Therapy products recommended by Adur Osteopaths
Product Description
The Rotater Rotater Buy the ROTATER now

The ROTATER is a shoulder rehabilitation and stretching device designed to increase the flexibility and range of motion (ROM) of your shoulder joint. Therefore, it is potentially relevant for anyone with restricted shoulder movement. The importance of having the full range of motion of your shoulder cannot be overstated. If you are a grandmother trying to hold her grandchild, a builder constantly reaching overhead or an elite athlete trying to compete with the world's best, you need, require and expect maximum shoulder performance. The ROTATER allows you to safely, easily and correctly self-stretch, which could result in faster recovery times. We at ShoulderCentric now offer an exceptional product for shoulder stretching and rehabilitation for £49.00. The ROTATER is American-made and now directly available in the UK from ShoulderCentric